Fan Art Illustration

If you follow this blog regularly, you may notice that I have done a lot of girl or portrait illustrations, which is actually my favorite object to draw. I really enjoy drawing girls or women since it has so much fun. I can style them with different eyes, nose, mouth, hair, and more. I can spend hours just to improvise any part I want to enhance or highlight. I personally think that drawing a face or portrait is a really good exercise to loosen your hand and slowly build your own drawing character. Even though I have not discovered any specific character yet, I have at least achieved some different styles on my girl illustrations, which is such a good step in my progress. Speaking of progress, I have just realized that it has been almost a year since the first time I decided to learn illustration. I started in the mid of January 2020 and I have been practicing since then. As a self-taught, this journey is absolutely not easy, as I am not taught by a mentor or enrolled in a design class or art school. However, this up and down journey has truly given me a valuable lesson which I can utilize for improving my soft skill.

Back to the portrait illustration, this time I tried to create fan arts, and all the references were from the Kpop stars. Yes, I listen to Kpop quite often but not following all the updates regularly. I drew three Kpop soloists whom I adore very much. I stan for talent and they indeed all are such brilliant entertainers. I’m inspired by their beautiful performances and whenever they dominate the stage. Therefore I recreate their images with my own illustration style. Since I am not a realist illustrator, so I do not redraw their faces exactly as they are. All these illustrations are dedicated for their hard work and incredible talent. Meanwhile, I drew these fanarts on Procreate and all of them have been uploaded on my Instagram. As usual, you may visit them on my Instagram for more details, and any suggestions or feedback are more than welcome 😊.

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