My favorite free brushes on Adobe Fresco

I am indeed a brush hoarder, which means collecting brushes as much as possible, both paid or free brushes. Even though I do not always use all of them, they are always on my folder just in case I need it later on. I have been drawing mostly on my iPad since it is more convenient and compatible. My two most frequent apps I used for drawing on iPad are Procreate and Adobe Fresco. In my previous blog, I shared some brushes I used on Procreate apps and they are all paid brushes. In this part, I am going to share my favorite brushes on Adobe Fresco. They are mostly free to download and suitable for Photoshop as well, since Adobe Fresco support Photoshop brushes. Plus you can easily import Photoshop Brushes into Fresco and you may find many tutorials out there about importing brushes. So, these are some of my free favorite brushes that I frequently use. You can also try these both in Fresco and Photoshop.

1. Kyle Bamboo Stick Brush

2. GrutBrushes Stump Through

3. Kyle’s Drawing Box China Marker, from Kyle’s Ultimate Megapack

4. Noah 00_blobby, from Noah Bradley’s Brushes

5. Spray Paint 1, from Keith Haring Brushes

You can get all of them for free as long as their brushes are still available for download. However, the Kyle’s brushes will require premium features/model, which means you have to subscribe to Adobe Fresco premium plan to get the free access to his brushes. If you have subscribed to Adobe Fresco premium plan, you will have access to download all Kyle’s brushes including their free updates. The premium version of Adobe Fresco is actually not necessary in the beginning, since the app itself already provides advanced and complete tools for drawing/painting. Last but not least, you might need to upgrade to premium one when you regularly draw on Fresco, where it will requires bigger storage to save your drawings, since the free version only provides maximum 2GB storage, or if you feel like the default brushes on Fresco are not enough and you want to add more brushes for your collection, then it is recommended to upgrade your Fresco to the paid version.

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  1. I hoard brushes, fonts and textures lol! I’m having to start my add ins over and it’s exciting and tiring lol.

    I just discovered Adobe Fresco! I don’t have an Apple Pencil so I’m not sure if Procreate responds to the stylus I do have — so I looked into Fresco!

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    1. Hahaaa, collecting brush and other art materials is really fun, isn’t it? And Adobe Fresco is totally free to download (except for the upgraded version), so perhaps you can test your stylus with the brushes there and see how it goes. If you don’t like it at the end, then you can just uninstall it. It’s really nothing to lose 😊

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