New Year, New Phone Wallpaper

It is 2021 already!

I hope you guys are still healthy and always maintain the sanity as your first priority. 2020 has indeed been a really tough period for some people, yet somehow it does not mean that there is no hope and a bright light ahead on us. Perhaps we just need to be a little bit more patient and not pushing ourselves too hard, in order to maintain our balance and mental health.

I would also like to deliver my gratitude towards everyone who have been with me in this illustration journey, all my blog readers who always read my post and still follow this blog, many thanks! Your support definitely means a lot to me. I will be consistently blogging this year and updating my drawing progress. Speaking of drawing, I have created some of warming sketches as the opening of this year. I made some simple and colorful illustrations that you can download as mobile phone wallpaper. I took some references from Pinterest and my artworks were actually inspired by animal lovers. If you are also an animal lover, these wallpapers might suit your interest.

You can download the files here for your personal use if you like the wallpapers. The wallpapers are compatible for both iPhone and Android smartphones. Please do not resell or redistribute these for commercial use. Last but not least, feel free to share your thought and suggestion, and I wish you a pleasant day!

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