Food for Thought (about social media)

I hope everyone is healthy and safe. Meanwhile, I have been thinking a lot of topics recently. Mainly since we now live in a digital world, where everything is quickly and easily connected to each other. Moreover, social media has been taking part a lot in our life, regardless of its purpose. One thing I just found out and it became such a hit among all social media users these days is the Clubhouse app. Have you guys heard about it? Have you tried this app? If yes, then what is your first thought?

I have installed this app actually, and tried to build some connection with some people out there. I have also joined the room / forum where the moderators hold a specific topic and we can participate as listeners. Things that I just realize about this app is that, there are tons of people who like to talk and share, or maybe they want to be heard. However, it can be good, or vice versa. At the same time it makes me think as well, do I really need to listen to this topic? Do they give the information I am looking for? And the most important thing one, am I comfortable enough being there?

All these questions then will be valid to all social media I used. So far, I do have Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (well, including the latest Clubhouse), yet I only focus more on Instagram right now and try to grow my audience there. I think I cannot manage all social media fairly since it can be very exhausting. Moreover, I still want to save my energy to draw during the free time. Hence, I do not want to steal my drawing time just to scroll social media and find nothing but time consuming. Having so many social media to handle does really affect my drawing process. Sometime it can be really good to find inspiration and reference there, yet it does not have to take forever. Therefore, by putting more attention on one social media only is more than enough.

Regardless of the number of social media, going back to art is always therapeutic. In my case, I drawn and illustrate. It is a great way to de-stress myself and it is a part of my coping mechanism. I do not have to hear people talking, I do not have to see what people upload, it is just me and my drawing. Last but not least, since I wrote “food” on the title of this post, here I show you my latest food illustrations which already uploaded on my Instagram. If you wonder what the second drawing is about, it’s a mooncake, a classic pastry which is associated to Chinese culture and often made to celebrate Chinese New Year. So, do you have any thoughts on social media trends these days? Feel free to share with me 😊

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