Your Art VS Social Media

It is very common issue when a lot of artists, especially the beginners are struggling with their presence on social media. It is also undeniable that social media is much needed these days to either promote our work or to show our existence. We perhaps do not want to miss the trend. However, to perform really well on social media is not that easy since there are definitely downsides of social media as well and perhaps, social media is not for everyone.

Speaking of social media, I only used Instagram to share my illustrations previously, but now I open Ko-fi page to expand my existence. I do plan to be more active there and try to look for more friends who have the same interests in illustration. How about you? How often are you on social media? This , then reminds me to a certain thought; it is whenever I join an art webinar, there is always a question regarding social media and their art. In fact, a lot of beginners or newbies in illustration keep asking how to gain more followers or interactions on their art account. This, again, keeps me thinking, how important is the number of followers for your account? For some people, this might be very crucial since they would like to monetize their art, either for a commission work or a future career. Even though we know that quantity ≠ quality, unfortunately people are still amazed by the numbers.

Whenever you decided to join social media, it could be concluded that you are 100% into showcasing whatever you share. It is hardly to believe if you say that upload your art just for your own satisfaction or as your personal gallery. Well, I was on that point before until I realized that I was there to show off. At the same time, there is also a battle inside me. I do not want to share trash…I want to create a good art, not only whatever it takes as long as I exist, or the worst part is…to make art for likes. In addition, algorithm asks more frequent posts to be able to perform good and do not miss our engagement. The less often we post, the less possibility to be discovered, especially to the followers who do not interact that much. This sounds really tiring, doesn’t it? So again, what is more important now? The engagement or your art quality? Or can you do both?

Regardless of the struggling path to be able to promote your art as a newbie or beginner, there is always the upsides of social media. One thing that I recognize the most is obviously the connection. I meet a lot of great artists out there and we maintain the interaction quite well. Moreover, they are so kind to help me promoting the account through some fun challenges on stories which probably benefit us as a beginner. Or even, they sincerely repost my art to their stories and never ask me back to do the same. It is indeed appreciated and therefore, the traffic on my social media raises. Sounds happy? Of course, yet, again, I want be consistent with my art, to make art for me, not for likes. If, then, my art gains so much likes, all I can say is that I am lucky.

Aside from what your intention on social media is, please keep in mind that there is no reason to cater to people’s preferences since we can never control what people like. This is also a huge reminder for me so that I stick to my first motive, to create art that makes me happy. Since we cannot also control the algorithm on social media, we can just keep doing and exploring, otherwise it brings you pressure even more, and you lose your mind. As time goes by, I truly believe that our art will look so much better if we keep drawing and practicing. So, what do you think? Do you also struggle with social media challenges? Feel free to share your thoughts 😊.

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  1. Crystal says:

    Ahahaha gimana ya Lilla… Aku juga sering berantem di otak antara mengerjakan karya yang bagus karena aku suka, atau bikin karya buat nambah followers. Soalnya di otak aku tuh followers naik = visibility naik. Untungnya aku punya coach yang ngajarin entrepreneurship di media sosial sebagai seorang introvert. Lewat dia aku belajar bahwa yang paling penting adalah creating the art that you like, dan nomor following tu bisa jadi nomor sekian, karena yang lebih penting adalah angka2 di insights Instagram post (reach, visibility, dll). Kayaknya menarik nih postingan kamu, bisa aku angkat jadi tulisan mengenai struggle introverted artists di media sosial yang berisik banget.

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    1. Aku setuju sih Crys untuk lihat angka2 di insight. Itu cukup membantu buat menakar seberapa jauh sih engagement post kita di Instagram. Kalo followers kan gak semua aktif ya, paling hanya beberapa persen dari total jumlah followers kita. Nah kalo untuk visibility kayaknya kita beda konteks nih, kalo kamu kan ada sisi commercialnya ya, dimana kamu punya freelance jasa ilustrasi dan mungkin kamu lagi fokus disitu, sedangkan aku masih belum. Akun gambar bener bener buat share hasil gambar. Mungkin kalo untuk kamu, gak ada masalah buat bikin post yang bertujuan untuk disukai orang, ya gak sih? kan untuk narik calon klien? btw ide introverted itu menarik, bikin aja Crys. Nanti aku mau baca juga.


      1. Crystal says:

        aku berusaha untuk balance, Lil. jadi aku kadang bikin post untuk komersil, tapi aku juga bikin post gambar suka2. dari gambar suka2 ini bisa aku recycle jadi post komersil kalo aku mau. soalnya kalo full komersil kesannya kita peduli duit doang banget ga sih, sementara aku juga mau punya temen/kenalan sesama ilustrator. iya, nanti kalo lagi inspired, aku tulis ya!

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