There’s a story behind every illustration

I have been participating in the illustration world for more than a year now, and I can say that I have drawn quite a lot with different style and purpose. Last year I mostly drew for learning purpose. I exercised a lot by drawing different objects, techniques, with different colors. I also joined various art prompts from many illustrators, in order to familiarize my hand when drawing. My learning process has been so dynamic and influenced by different artists. However, this year has varied a little bit. I have come to realize that drawing is no longer for learning only, yet it has been quite personal. Some of my illustrations recently contains “personal truths” and they somehow tells about the way I see the world or a phenomenon.

As a person who has strong interest in visual art, seeing a picture or drawing which has deep meaning is definitely impressive. It makes me contemplating how people’s mind is undoubtedly broad and complex. And I guess my taste is developed by that. Therefore, it inspires me to make art that is riddled with personal experiences, daily life, and reminiscent of an unstoppable dream. As I have lived through many experiences and adventures, I guess it is not that bad if I can re-share those stories through my illustration. Instead of chasing perfection or being an overachiever, I think it is more comfortable for me to create art that contains storytelling in it, art that many people can relate and associate with.

However, illustration should not be that complicated, or deep, or wholesome (well depending on how you interpret it), since we can actually find some inspirations in every little thing in our surrounding. Even if we do not have any references or specific stories in our illustration, it is still an illustration. Be proud of it! But, if you do have references, then treat them in respectful way. It means that you do not barely copy and paste a resource without recreate them to your own version, otherwise it can lead to plagiarism. Last but not least, I have drawn some illustrations below and each of them conveys different story. So, can you perhaps guess what they actually tell about?

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