Tips for participating in art prompts

Participating in an art prompt is definitely one of favorite activities during my illustration journey. If you have social media account such as Instagram, you will find tons of art prompts available for you to try out. I joined quite many art prompts last year as a part of my drawing practices. It was totally fun and somehow, I met so many artist friends from art challenges. Moreover, if you currently focus on increasing your social media engagement or the number of followers / mutual with organic process , then art challenge like this should be a good alternative and harmless.

Art prompts can also help you to get out of your comfort zone. Moreover, it tests your commitment to complete the challenge until the end, where it might seem really hard for some artists to do so. I honestly experienced that also, where I felt like I wanted to give up in the middle of challenge period since I had no idea what to draw anymore (even there’s already theme to follow!). However, if you have never joined any art prompts before and you are not sure how to start, I have some tips for you. First, you can start with simple theme or whatever theme you are interested in, so that you feel motivated and disburden. Second, find art prompts which fits your free time / availability. There are many art prompts that set different time periods, such as 30 days non stop challenge, every two or three times a week, or even once a week during a month. Third, always read the term and condition for every challenge you decide to join. Some prompts allow limited art supplies / material, for example an art prompt in watercolor / gouache only and no digital tools allowed.

In conclusion, participating art prompt may increase your productivity, elevate your creativity, and offer possibility to discover amazing artists out there. However, don’t forget to have fun while you’re doing it and enjoy the process. Last but not least, here I share you my girl illustrations from the latest art prompt in March 2021. This actually my first art prompts this year and I plan to join more in the near future. You can also visit my Instagram @lilla.sotnos for more details about this prompt. So, my last question, do you have any favorite girls below? If you do, which one? 😊

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