Lovely Spring Illustrations

Happy Spring, Everyone!

First and foremost, I’d like to apologize for my delay post since I was occupied with a lot of things last week. However, I finally have time to write a new blog post this weekend and share my recent illustrations. And as you can tell, we officially enter spring season this month (my favorite season!). While other countries have started the spring season since March, it is unfortunately delayed in Sweden due to the climate and winter weather. I am actually used to this kind of delayed spring, and I am not going to complain at all. But seeing all the flowers start blooming does really make me happy and lift up my mood positively.

I should say that I am lucky enough to live in a country with four seasons, where I can experience different season every year and see how the nature changed. When it comes to spring, the land definitely looks more colorful and festive. It is not only about how it looks but also how it feels in terms of temperature and weather. I feel like spring weather has the perfect temperature, since it is not too warm yet not too cold either. I thus can wear thinner and light clothes outside. Moreover, we also get more sunny hours in a day after getting stuck in such long dark winter days. And of course, the best part about spring is definitely the flowers! Spring is a heaven for all flower lovers, including me. All beautiful flowers in blossom are popping up everywhere you go. However, it might be a nightmare for some people with pollen allergy.

Therefore, to celebrate this spring season, I drew some illustrations inspired by colorful spring and charming outdoor views, mixed with the green looks/grass. This time, I drew them with a “go with the flow” attitude, because I didn’t not prepare any specific concept and I was only influenced by the outdoor scenery during spring, or things I’d like to do when it comes to spring. So, which one is your favorite illustration among these four? 😊

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